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Whether it’s to add color, sparkle, or just to add a fine finishing touch to a look, Kokonut luxury collection accessories are versatile and can adjust to any style.

Kokonut Luxury Collection invested in simple and versatile but unique accessories! Inspired by summer and heat, they complete any look and can be used on any occasion. Caution: they are irresistible and you will want to wear them all.

Kokonut accessories are the only item in the store not made from natural or recycled raw materials. Unfortunately they are pure plastic, but one day that will change and we will make accessories out of recycled plastic or even natural raw materials! We did, however, want to keep our stocks limited, so there will be plenty of variety and less “waste”; we know that’s not enough and, until we start selling sustainable accessories, you (clients and friends) can always help improve our planet in your daily lives, of course, like we do with our clothing. You can always recycle your plastic, paper, glass, etc., for change begins with small actions.