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The brand

We are a Portuguese brand, established in 2020 by a mother and daughter team aided by an extensive design, modeling and sewing staff, aiming to create a more sustainable and ecological fashion for the planet and for all of us.
All our products, Kokonut Swimwear (bikinis and swimsuits), Kokonut Activewear (sports) and Kokonut Underwear (lingerie) are manufactured with 100% recycled fabrics; all the carrier bags available in the store or mailed are produced from 100% recycled cardboard, paper and plastic.
Kokonut was carefully designed and built so that every detail in every piece and shape made sense; our brand portrays not only Portuguese men and women but those from all over the world, in every shape and size, so that they may feel comfortable, strong and confident when they wear each of our Kokonut lines. Each collection carries a great meaning and message, because we want every Kokonut customer to feel well and see themselves in the collection just like we do.


In the name of warm days, sunbathing and dipping in the sea, we have created KOKONUT SWIMWEAR where you can find Bikinis, Three Piece Bikinis and Swimsuits.


To be fit can be a lifestyle, 1 hour of someone’s day, or an ambition. We have created the perfect set for any of these situations; it will make us feel good, attractive and extra-motivated.


Lingerie means sexiness, comfort and sexiness, just like you!


Inspired by summer and heat, we have gathered the accessories that will make all the difference - whether It’s to add color, sparkle, or to finish the perfect look.


Who has never raised their head from the towel to see where that exotic, sexy and irresistible breeze came from? With our perfume that will happen all the time, and the reason will be you!